Scott is a DYNAMIC speaker and facilitator! His interactions, examples, and relatability make the workshop a seamless experience. His humor makes the interaction alive and real.
— Jacquelin - US Armed Forces Medical Executive
“Scott is awesome, his approach to coaching and knowledge is at the highest level that I have ever experienced in 20 plus years of working in this industry. Scott brings such positive energy that it creates an environment where you are comfortable and know you are going to get useful information from the session. Every session he brings something different, gives you the tools and resources you need to be successful, then goes over how to execute them step-by-step. Scott is the best, period, hands down! He’s the best I’ve seen and heard – he breaks down the components of the presentation or coaching session in a way that’s easy for me to understand and more importantly, to actually apply them personally and professionally. Scott is absolutely recommended as a coach, speaker, or workshop facilitator.”

— George, Operations Director
When it all unravels and you sit back saying “Holy Wow”, you know you just got coached by the best. That is the kind of Breakthrough moment Scott Schultz brings with his coaching. When I get off our call, I have clarity of a block that smacked me from left field and all of a sudden I am able to accomplish more and show up stronger than ever. I am not talking one call, either. Every single call!
If you are stuck and have no idea what is under it-but are open to doing the digging, Scott is your coach.
— Rachel - Director, Human Resources
“Scott has comprehensive knowledge in restaurant/retail and is a great talent in developing others. He is a life-long learner and an excellent coach in sharing his knowledge and helping his clients with improving profits and performance. Scott is a pivotal force for any organization.”

— Villa, Sr. Financial Analyst
Scott and I worked together for over three months as he helped me to explore and challenge the beliefs and thinking that have sabotaged various aspects of my life, including social and intimate relationships, career, and finance. This gave me a very helpful framework for continuing to challenge my thinking and go after all I truly desire in every area of my life. Especially helpful, is Scott’s facility for using stories from his own experience and pictorial analogies in the coaching process. And, as someone who has a unique personal story that propelled him into the coaching profession, as well as extensive experience in corporate management, Scott is well-suited as a coach to both individuals and businesses. Scott coach’s coaching style is both empathic and empowering! I highly recommend Scott as a coach!
— Jason, Social Worker
“Scott facilitated a leadership workshop for my team and connected extremely well with the entire group. He demonstrated positive energy throughout the day, making potentially complex ideas extremely clear. He deconstructed the concepts very well, gave strong examples, and invited questions and real-life interactions from the group. Scott is very knowledgeable and is a great presenter! I would recommend Scott to speak to your group, association, or team!”

— JR, Executive Director
“Scott’s use of real-life scenarios allowed me to better visualize the concepts taught and work through actions that I could use in my day to day interactions. Scott has the ability to engage audiences large and small. The enthusiasm and knowledge he conveys keeps the participants strongly engaged. Complex concepts were simplified by using daily examples shared by the participants. As the discussions evolved, Scott was able to take the participants through the superficial layers of potential issues to drive to the core of the opportunity for improvement. Scott manages the room well and is able to bring the conversation back on topic as the discussions evolve. He has the insight to read the audience and provide direction when needed or just listen when appropriate. I would emphatically recommend Scott to work with and speak to your team, group, or organization. I believe the workshop has allowed me to improve my relationships both inside and outside of work.”

— Thomas, Director of Development
“Scott took the time to learn everyone’s name and used our situations as examples if we offered them, connecting with each of us individually. He was positive, engaging, and fun throughout the day. Scott provided new ideas with clarity, examples, and even exercises that got us up and moving. He has excellent credibility as a speaker and facilitator. Absolutely recommended!”

— Marybeth, Program Director
Scott helped me realize that a person’s definition of success changes as we achieve our goals.” Scott is easy to communicate with…he can identify with similar struggles through his own personal experience or through helping others through their tough times.
— Ray, Tourism Ambassador
Scott kept the entire group engaged all day and made each individual feel the content was tailor-made for each of us. I was able to relate the material to my life professionally and personally which I appreciated. Scott’s energy throughout the day was a ‘Wow Experience’! Scott was fun and kept us on our toes, never boring! He was very thorough explaining the what’s, how’s and the why’s and made sure we understood before moving on. The workshop was highly interactive and is one of the best I have ever been a part of. Scott facilitated with confidence I left with the knowledge I will actually use! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Scott as a speaker for your organization!
— Robin, Executive Recruiter

Scott did an amazing job of connecting and relating to me as a participant and the group as a whole. He was very upbeat and full of life, it really made the day that much better. Scott really was knowledgeable and able to break things down through examples and making it easier to see and understand. As a speaker and presenter, Scott is absolutely fantastic, confident, calm and very professional. I would absolutely recommend Scott to speak at your meeting or conference!
— Brett, Workforce Development Coordinator